• Paw Salve

    Foxen Organics Paw Salve can help protect paws from salt and ice sticking to fur in winter and can soothe tender skin due to the heat of asphalt and concrete in the summer. This salve is formulated to help heal the paws of man and pets so don't hesitate to try some for yourself! $14 4oz
  • Seriously Strong Yet Curiously Gentle Deodorant That Really Works!

    This is our most popular item - and for good reason! It Really Works! We have been given testimony from customers of every profession and each and every one is hooked for life (or so they've told us!). With only the tiniest dab you can be protected up to 48 hours. Have sensitive skin? We have customers who have never been able to tolerate deodorant in the past yet are absolutely ecstatic about our product. The discreet unisex scent of citrus and spice fades away leaving you smelling like You so you are free to enjoy perfumes, colognes, and essential oils without the combatant scent of your deodorant. Though, it smells so nice you may wish it lasted longer. Our recipe focuses on the antibacterial ingredients rather than masking odors. We are sure that it will become the best part of your hygienic routine. $15 4oz Tin
  • Seriously Strong Yet Curiously Gentle Stick Deodorant In Pink Or Green

    This stick deodorant will soon become the favorite hygiene item in your routine. It is a more solidified version of our tins. Just the smallest swipe can last up to 48 hours! The wonderful unisex fragrance of citrus and spice starts out discreet and leaves you smelling like You and your own wonderful natural scent. This allows you to wear perfumes, oils or colognes without the interference of your deodorant. Our recipe focuses on antibacterial properties, not perfumes. No matter what your profession Foxen Organics deodorant will work for you. We are also a standing favorite with people who have very sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts and cysts due to the chemicals in commercial deodorants. In fact, this is how we got started with the idea of marketing this item. We passed on a sample of our personal recipe to the son of one of our paw salve distributors and it was so successful for him that the rest is all history! We are proud to be able to share our our seriously strong yet curiously gentle recipe with everyone today. $10 2oz
  • Complete Health Beard Care Set

    This is everything you need for complete beard care. Our nourishing beard wash, healthy shine beard oil, and mustache and beard tamer. $30
  • Seriously Strong Yet Curiously Gentle Lotion Deodorant

    This is the same magic recipe as the tins and sticks but is made into a smooth lotion by adding organic virgin olive oil. The slotted cap provides easy application while the dial allows for just the right amount. It literally just takes a smidge so the cap does all the smoothing of just a small amount. This is our very favorite version of the World's Best Deodorant. $10 2oz
  • Nourishing Beard Care Line

    Foxen organics has recently launched a very successful line of beard care products. This is for a limited time only, while supplies last. Our beard oils contain the finest organic ingredients that promote soft, healthy skin and strong luxurious hair. Daily use will leave your beard feeling and looking healthy while our subtle spicy citrus scent will leave you smelling wonderful all day. 1oz $20 Our nourishing almond castile beard wash is fortified with grape seed and castor oils that thoroughly clean and promote healthy skin and hair growth. This is a concentrate so only a drop is needed for a full thick lather. 4oz $15 Finish off your beard care routine with our mustache and wax tamer. Our formula is designed to allow you to train your mustache to grow the way you want it or keep those wily stray hairs in line. Scented perfectly to be compatible with our beard oils. 2 oz tin $10 Pocket sized balm for easy warming $3 Set of Wash, Oil, and Pocket Tamer $30